Putting a Face to a Song – Independence Elementary Opens New Facebook Page

Posted on 01/23/2017
Students in the Independence choir on stage performing.

When musicians began making videos, it really helped put a face on the songs we listened to, stimulating more than just our ears. Independence Elementary is seeking to do the same with their newly launched Independence Choir Facebook Page. The hope is to showcase the accomplishments of the Independence Choir, and to better-facilitate communication between parents and the music program.

William McDade, along with fellow choir teacher Kelly Brophy, thought the new Facebook page would be a welcome avenue of communication, and more importantly, something the kids would appreciate. “I think the students enjoy seeing themselves and their friends on video,” McDade said, “doing things that they like to do, such as singing, playing instruments, etc.”

The kids are already using these communication channels, and McDade thought it best to use it to the school and the parents’ advantage. “Kids love to share pictures and video with each other,” McDade said. “It’s becoming one of the most common forms of communication in our society.

The kids, however, are not the only who benefit from the new page. “Parents also enjoy watching what their child is doing in music class,” McDade said. “It’s fun for them, and also informative. So much happens in school, so this is another way for parents to know what their child is doing during the day. Facebook is also great because people can save photos and videos to access them again in the future.”

“Music education is vitally important to young students today,” McDade said. “In music class, students are given the freedom to express themselves emotionally, be creative, move their bodies, and try new things – such as learning an instrument. Some children love to perform, and music gives them a chance to do that. In these days of standardized testing, ‘mandated minutes’ of instruction, pressure from society for schools to do constantly better, etc., students need an outlet from the pressures of today’s academics. I often see students who may struggle with ‘core’ subjects, but who shine in my class with their natural talent for singing or dancing or playing an instrument.”

And thanks to the new Independence Choir Facebook page, we all have a chance to see students’ natural talents shine.

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